Citizenship Merit Badge workshop

Often under appreciated due to the dry subject matter, the Citizenship merit badges are often left to the end of a Scout's Eagle journey. This class aims to change that by offering all three merit badges; Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, and Citizenship in the World, taught as single a 3 evening course learning what it means to be a citizen of one's community, nation and world. The course will focus on group work and an engaging, fun and informative way to teaching these vital merit badges.


Classes are on Monday’s from 6pm-9pm arrive by 5:45 as we start promptly at 6pm. Upon arrival to Camp Guyasuta check the digital sign in front of the McGinnis Education Center for where to meet for the merit badge class.  No walk ins will be accepted.

Classes are held at Camp Guyasuta 300 – 23rd Street Sharpsburg, PA 15215

Please note the following for all merit badge courses:

  • Scout is required to attend all sessions to earn credit.
  • Scout must bring a signed Blue Card.
  • Please bring paper and pencil.
  • Scouts may bring tablet, laptop or phone to conduct research for their badge
  • Please bring a signed BSA Health Form at check in

The following requirements will need completed outside of class:

  • Citizenship in the Community 2a,3ab,4ab,5,7c,8
  • Citizenship in the Nation 1a, b, c, d 3,8a
  • Citizenship in the World 7a, b, c, d, e


Cost is $35.00

Cancellation Policy

Merit badge classes book quickly and Camp Guyasuta has a firm no refund policy. Check your calendars accordingly. Attending class on both dates is required to earn the badges. If you miss the second day, the cost will not be prorated

Contact E-mail or 412-782-2669

Work Book

Citizenship in the Community Workbook

Citizenship in the Nation Workbook

Citizenship in the World Workbook


March 2

June 1

June 8